Turns any inhaler into a smart inhaler


Our mission is to transform the assessment of patients with uncontrolled asthma or COPD, by providing physicians (and payers) with a simple tool to help distinguish poor treatment response from poor adherence to inhaler therapy.


Our technology is an electronic smart sticker product that records the usage history and is adaptable to most inhalers currently on the market.

It is designed to be attached to the inhaler during production and to replace existing paper stickers.

No cooperation from patients is required as the monitoring and recording process is completely automatic and transparent.  .

1-2mm thick

Cost of manufacturing is less than 1$


Usage recording > 3 months

History stored permanently (even when battery is dead)


Placing a TimeStamp™ equipped inhaler near a physician’s smartphone/computer displays usage history and enables informed decision making


The FDA has determined that the TimeStamp™ smart sticker is not a “device”, and is thus exempt from complying with FDA regulations.  TimeStamp Ltd. has recently completed the development phase and is ready to commercialize its technology.

Management Team

 Gad Riesenfeld

Gad Riesenfeld

Ph.D., Chairman and CEO

Previously, President of Pharmos Corp. (NASDAQ) and Co-Founder of Otic Pharma (NASDAQ), served on board of directors of bio-pharma companies and led combined international efforts in Scientific and Clinical Research and BD/

Professor David Price

Professor David Price

Chief Medical Officer

Managing Director of the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute and Optimum Patient Care. He is Primary Care Respiratory Society Professor of Primary Care and Respiratory Medicine at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). His interests lie in ‘real-life’ research. He has authored over 400 peer-reviewed publications.

Ian Solomon

Ian Solomon


Serial entrepreneur in the medical device field, specializing in drug-delivery and diagnostic devices. Co-founder of SteadyMed (NASDAQ), and RespiDx Ltd. Experienced in taking products involving multiple technologies from concept through to implementation, and securing their IP position.

Amir Elhasid

Amir Elhasid

VP of Business Development

Previously, Global Marketing Director at Teva Respiratory. He has over 30 years of experience in management roles with leading global respiratory companies (GSK, AZ, BI and others).